An ‘off-duty’ look is one that is very casual, screams ease and comfort, but isn’t sloppy at all. It’s that outfit that bails you out on a day you’re literally off-duty, but still have a million things to do, such as run errands, attend casual meetings or even show up at the office to do one thing or the other.

Key pieces I recommend to achieve an ‘off-duty’ look include: jeans, a t-shirt, comfortable shoes and a bag large enough to hold all you need. Keeping that in mind, your schedule determines any extra item. For instance, the addition of a blazer here elevates this look from being too casual, in a way that I can still go to the office on a Friday, or just drop by any day if I need to.

Since comfort is paramount, I like to wear items that I can feel relaxed in for hours. For shoes, a pair of boots is my favourite option, even a heeled one. However, since Nigerian weather isn’t cool enough, I’ve adjusted to cagey, block low-heeled sandals to allow for mobility over long hours. In my experience, flats, including  ballet shoes, slippers and sandals just aren’t comfortable enough to walk around in a lot; my feet feel bare and start to ache after a few hours. You can choose sneakers (trainers), as they also provide a lift, and elevate your feet from the ground.

Thanks to my service year (NYSC) last year, I’ve learnt how to get more out of a basic white tee (t-shirt). It is one of the most understated, yet versatile clothing item everyone should own. Like any other must-have piece, it can easily be dressed up or down and over time, it has become my staple piece in creating my ‘off-duty’ look. 

I absolutely love this pair of jeans. It lasted through my university days and is still in great shape (thanks Zara!). The olive colour keeps it basic, yet far from being bland. Also, your styling option and accessories play a very significant role in achieving a look that is functional and isn’t boring. Here, despite my minimal jewellery, my dad’s old belt (yep!) really compliments my shoes and adds an overall edgy vibe to my look.

P.S. Spy my Minnie Mouse bow 😊


“Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.”

Alexander Wang


Photography by @famous_isaacs

Extra edits by me @mignolly

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Jeans: Zara

Rucksack: Zara

Watch: Espirit


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