It’s been said time and time again that a basic white t-shirt (tee) is a wardrobe must-have for girls and guys alike, and I agree completely. Although, I must confess that I fully embraced my love for the white tee after I was left with a bunch of white tees after my NYSC program.

The white tee is the perfect canvas to create any outfit because it’s plain, basic and simple. Ironically, that’s the reason most people shy from it; because they consider it boring and unfashionable…and they could not be more wrong.

Being fashionable does not always mean being decked in over-the-top fashionable pieces or ‘it’ items, it also means being comfortable and looking modish in simple clothes…styled properly.

A white tee can easily be switched up to ‘casual but chic’ with very little styling effort and below are a few tips to make wearing your white t-shirt more fashionable and ‘not so basic’:

1. The fit determines the look: for a more sophisticated look, go for a fitted tee. If it’s more loose-fitting, it’s the perfect piece for a casual look.

2. Pair it with an unexpected bottom – ‘expected’ here, would be jeans, since that’s usually the go-to pairing item with white t-shirts. Instead, try something different, like this fun ruffled skirt. It gives a cool and chic twist to prevent this outfit from being basic!

3. Use the ‘third piece rule’: this simply means, add a third piece when you’re done dressing to elevate a simple look such as a cardigan, vest, blazer or accessories. I chose to use statement accessories to add more creativity and fun to my look.

This look is another take on the monochromatic trend (with a twist J), cue in the blue clutch, including my grey hair that fits right into the colour scheme.

Hope this inspires you to give the basic white tee a go!!!


“I’ve always thought of the T-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet.” —Giorgio Armani


Photography by @samsavvyphotography

Edits by me @mignolly

Thanks for reading my post guys 🙂

Love, Mignolly



Clutch: Atmosphere

Skirt: Miss Selfridge

Necklace: Miss Selfridge

Sunglasses: Miu Miu

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