Mint is such a pretty, cool and soothing colour and I’ve mentioned my love for playsuits repeatedly. Both are combined in this adorable lightweight floral playsuit that’s fun, playful and bright. Paired with flat sandals and this cute cross-body pink bag, this look is perfect for day time casual outings and hanging out by the pool or beach.

Mint condition generally refers to previously owned items that are still in top quality. Also, fresh bills (money) are referred to as ‘mint’ when they are newly printed and in perfect condition. So basically, to have your mental health in mint condition is to have your mental state at its healthiest, best and most positive.

I recently watched a Bollywood movie titled ‘Dear Zindagi’ which literally translates into ‘Dear Life’ and I must say I felt, still feel, very inspired by it. It touches on a variety of issues surrounding mental health, rather, the lack of awareness of mental health that permeates the society in general. It highlights struggles that make us feel drained, frustrated, exhausted and completely broken down mentally, psychologically, spiritually and emotionally. It also sheds light on how little issues can build up over time and affect you in a way that destabilizes your core, without having a ‘major tragedy’ happen to you.

On the whole, an awareness of the state of your mental health is just as, if not more important than an awareness of your physical health. Consequently, you need to ensure that you do anything and everything you can to keep your mental health positive at all times.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie and picked up a few life lessons/guidelines that I think are worth sharing:

  1. You don’t have to choose the difficult path when you’re not ready to deal with it.
  2. When you start understanding yourself, you don’t have to think about what people do or say.
  3. You never have to suffer in silence, so don’t be afraid to speak up.
  4. A romantic soul mate is just one of many different kinds of soul mates life gives you. It’s unfair to expect one person to be all of them.
  5. Don’t let the past blackmail your present, to ruin a beautiful future.

Many thanks to Jerome’s Gardens and Suites for this shoot.  This driveway of gives me Alice In Wonderland vibes🙂.


Dear Zindagi,

I know we’ve been out of touch for a while, so…….. nothing, I just wanted to say hi….

– Kaira played by Alia Bhatt


Bow headband: Lekki Arts and Crafts Market

Cross-body bag: China Town

Playsuit: AX Paris


Hair by @kharis_beauty

Photography by @samsavvyphotography

Edits by me @mignolly


Thanks for reading my post guys 🙂

Love, Mignolly


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