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My friend Bolanle and I paid a visit to the National Museum, Onikan on the 30th of August, 2018, for the sake of adventure, art and culture. After the tour, we stumbled upon an art exhibition – a wonderful discovery. Though it was basically over, we had the opportunity to understand the progression and the vision behind each art work as explained by the curator. This post is titled after the exhibition.


Juliet Ezenwa Pearce is a contemporary artist whose influences are very evident in her work. She shared that her inspiration and motivation behind the ‘Beyond 2018’ collection was basically an amalgamation of various things, including her focus on female empowerment.

Her portrayal of female masquerades in her work, for instance, is not just for the sake of art. It makes you wonder – Why is it that women were not allowed to be masquerades, even though certain masquerade figures were actually female? Even more ridiculous, men dressed as female masquerades flogged women they came in contact with, while they donned the female masquerade costumes.

The motivation behind her work; the female child, is one that cannot be hidden and definitely calls out to me. The time has never been more right to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution of females (girls, ladies and women alike) to our society ‘en bloc’!


“…I wanted to produce something retro; taking from the past and presenting it in a modern and new format. I wanted to produce something uniquely different…”

– Juliet Ezenwa Pearce


Location: Nigerian National Museum

Artist: Juliet Ezenwa Pearce

Curator: Luciano Uzuegbu


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