The ‘aso-ebi’ culture in Nigeria is one that needs no introduction. Over the years, it has expanded beyond weddings and burials to pretty much all events including birthdays, naming ceremonies, seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter, New Year’s events  and even anniversaries.

Consequently, it is important to maintain your style and not get lost in the swarm of people wearing the same fabric. Try to choose and adopt styles that will show off your individuality, the fabric and your personal preference. I chose to make a  kimono and a pair of shorts co-ord by my trusted @oluchilkpemba for a family friend’s father’s burial (God rest his soul) I attended with my family in Ekiti state.

Having fun with an outfit is always paramount 🙂.

Lace and print make an amazing combo. just make sure you stick to the same colour palette!!!

I achieved this hair colour by combining pink and purple.

Just a couple of black and white pictures to show you can work this style with pretty much any fabric 🙂.


“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”

– Oscar de la Renta


Wicker/Straw bag: Lekki Arts and Crafts Market

Kimono & Shorts: Sewn by @oluchilkpemba

Lace top: Mr. Price

Hair by @kharis_beauty


Thanks for reading my post guys 🙂

Love, Mignolly


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