Before bidding adieu to 2018, I wanted to publish this post about my trip to Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC). Since I had wanted to go for a long time, it felt really good to finally cross it off my list before the end of 2018.

On that day, I had a really bad cold, but I was determined not to let that stop me, so I dragged myself out, and I’m really glad that I did. It was a girls’ trip with my sister Dammy, our friend Mosun, two of her friends, Titi and Lolu and of course, moi. It was such a fun and cool experience and you would never have known that some of us met for the first time on that day. I just love it when girls can have fun together without all the drama that just seems to love us – I blame it on our oestrogen!!!

It costs N2000 per person and that gives you free access within the grounds. We had to wait for a bit, got put in a group, and had a tour guide basically take us on pier-like walkway across the swampy forest and then the canopy walk. After that, we were free to roam around, sight-see and explore. Also, there are picnic areas there and you can come with your grub (snacks/food) and drinks if you want.

There were monkeys all around on the pier-like walkway, but I didn’t get a picture of any, particularly because I hid my phone for the most part (like almost everyone else) because monkeys are known to grab objects and run away (and I still need my phone 🙂) but I got pictures of me 🙂.

The canopy walk; which is the longest  in Africa, was the most adventurous thing available and it was really fun. We got split into smaller groups – basically you and your friends, and went in turns. There are seven in total, with each one basically more difficult than the last (minus the ones at the end), but in all honesty, it just gives a thrill at being so high up on the canopy walkway (or maybe it’s because I absolutely love heights). We all took turns in going first, last and basically all positions to get the best experience. Funny story, the most scared person in our group ended up becoming brave by the time she was in front, imagine!

Brave, bold and dauntless daredevils!!!

Peep my bra-strap matching my wrist band- pure coincidence 🙂.


Once we completed the canopy walk, we were on our own and basically explored the grounds……..

I think we look like a bad-ass girl band on the chess board 🙂.


I chose a pair of washed denim shorts and a white tank, both from Mr. Price and grabbed a really old light weight white shirt to serve as a pseudo-cardigan in case the weather dropped, especially because of my cold, but I ended up tying it around my waist for most of the day (it’s like I forgot that Lagos is a burning inferno these days). I finished off with my gladiator-ish sandals, blush-pink crossbody bag and pretty bronze-gold tassel earrings.

TIP: I always try to go for functional/practical, yet cute and stylish outfits. Research your destination as much as possible try to find as much information about the place, including pictures, so that you are properly attired. Nothing worse than being on an adventure and being uncomfortable in your clothing!

**sister sister**

Quick make-up tip my sisters and I use all the time (especially on days we spend out in the sun) —> fill out your brows and use lipgloss/lipstick, depending on your mood, to get a ‘fresh make-up look’; without worrying about sweating of your face/look.

I hope you find this useful of you decide to visit Lekki Conservation Centre in the new year. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday… and happy new year in advance.



Tank top: Mr. Price

Denim shorts: Mr. Price

White shirt: New Look

Sandals: Boutique bought

Tassel earrings: Balogun Market

Hair by @kharis_beauty


Thanks for reading my post guys 🙂

Love, Mignolly



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