One very important rule I have when I travel is that I always pack something cute that I can wear to multiple places and switch up for different events, even when I don’t have any  particular occasion in mind (a tip I actually learnt from my mum). Last month, my family and I travelled to Ibadan for a family function, and I packed this dress for any ‘just in case’ outing.

We stayed at Check-Inn Hotel, Ibadan and once we pulled up to the hotel, I knew I wanted to have a shoot there because the surrounding was really pretty. So, even though we didn’t got to any unplanned event, I dragged my little sister out for a shoot in this cute polka dotted sundress, just before we left.

BONUS: Invest in a pair of flattering sunglasses – to protect you from the sun, of course, but especially so that you can hide your eyebrows if you’re like me and not religious with grooming them (because they grow way too fast!!!).

In full disclosure, I have worn this dress a bunch of times and I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect length for a mini, without being scandalous. It fits my frame perfectly and the polka dots, off-the-shoulder cut and ruffles detail (which is very on-trend for Spring/Summer 2019), make it ideal for multiple occasions.

I accessorized with my blueish-grey PVC front strap sandals (I think I nailed that description 🙂) which I have also worn multiple times. Even though they are actually blueish-grey, they look white enough and go perfectly with my outfit. Let’s not forget my beloved pink cross-body bag and of course, my must-have sunnies. White manicured and black pedicured nails completed the look.

I really love this fiery-red ombre braids. I had planned to use pink for the ombre effect, but the transition wasn’t pretty, so I decided to use this bright oreange-ish red instead and it is fire (let’s pretend I also added the fire emoji 🙂 ).


“Being well dressed hasn’t much to do with having good clothes. It’s a question of good balance and good common sense.”

Oscar de la Renta


Polka Dotted Sundress: Mr. Price

Heeled Sandals: Call It Spring

Hotel: Check-Inn Hotel, Ibadan


Thanks for reading my post 🙂

Love, Mignolly


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