A corporate chic outfit is an outfit that is corporate, but leans more towards being stylish, rather than being business conservative.

I’m not entirely a fan of conservative business outfits because they can become monotonous and tedious very quickly, especially because of all the strict rules you need to adhere to (which should be broken, but that’s for another post). However, when I do dress corporate, I’m always excited to put a spin on my outfit and a coporate chic look is the perfect expression of that.

This outfit screams corporate chic in a simple yet exciting way. It’s a look that incorporates a classic piece (the long line sleeveless blazer) with a fun twist – my little black dress (lbd) and bold accessories like this gorgeous wine purse and my layered gold jewellery.

What I really love about this outfit is how the different pieces could easily be transformed into party pieces, but combined, they really create a cohesive corporate chic outfit.

A simple belt helps to synch your waist and gives a well-proportioned/balanced silhouette.

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I’m an advocate of fun dressing to work, especially because I get easily get tired of repetition and monotony. So, I will encourage you to experiment with your workwear and combine unexpected pieces to create an interesting look.

Don’t let it get boring!

“The joy of dressing is an art.”

—John Galliano

Thanks for reading guys 😊

Love always, Mignolly


Hair: @kharis_beauty

Jumpsuit: @oluchilkemba

Sandals: Boutique Bought

Purse: Birthday Gift

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