La Taverna is a lovely Spanish restaurant with a very cosy and intimate vibe. It perfectly embodies an atmosphere that encourages human interaction in the most traditional and simplest way; actually communicating with those in front of you, like we did before the excessive social media era 😊.

The ambience of the restaurant of course captures a Spanish cultural vibe from the food to the deco, and even the music; we had ‘Quando Quando Quando’ playing softly in the background while we were there for my younger sister’s birthday.  All these elements combined definitely make you feel like you’ve been transported to Spain. 

The restaurant scores high for Instagram worthiness, but I couldn’t take too many pictures of the place because there were other diners (it’s important to respect other people’s privacy). Despite that, the mood felt relaxed and it didn’t feel crowded.

The staff members were so nice and even helped us to take our pictures. I’m always a fan of places that encourage and assist guests in taking pictures. (Even when we blocked the kitchen (oops), they were still very gracious!)

The place is very affordable and each person’s meal was between approximately 6k to 10k for food and drinks, including cocktails (unfortunately not pictured). The most common meal was pasta, as 3 different people ordered the same dish, but there’s also pizza and ravioli, the favourites of my bunch.

The restaurant is tucked away in Victoria Island, Lagos and is easily accessible through google maps, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.


I got this jumpsuit from Mr. Price and had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to launch it, and this was the perfect event. It’s the ideal outfit when you want to get dressed up, without any real effort.

I paired it with fluffy heels gifted to me by my friend and my birthday bag that everyone is used to seeing by now. I really love this bag (thanks Koks 😊).

Tassel earrings that matched my pink hair and my gold chain choker were the perfect combo to accessorise with.

If you’re ever in need of a cosy intimate restaurant to dine at, do check out @la_tavernalagos. I really enjoyed my visit there.

Thanks for reading guys 😊

Love always, Mignolly


Hair: @kharis_beauty

Jumpsuit: @mrpfashion

Sandals: Gifted

Bag: Birthday Gift

Song: Michael Buble ft. Nelly Furtado – Quando Quando Quando


  1. Your Favorite In-law

    Great ambience but nobody warned me that the food is stressful

    1. Olly

      My favourite!!! Lol, the food was good, it just wasn’t your taste… Don’t mind them, next time, we’ll give the chef your special order ahead of time 😂😂😂.

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