Wardrobe staples are simply โ€˜must-haveโ€™ items in your wardrobe. They fall into the category of clothing/accessories that are necessary and practical to easily achieve a fashionable, yet functional wardrobe. In this post, I feature this adorable pair of mustard shorts and blouse co-ord or matching two-piece set, which is actually from one of my since deleted blogposts ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Co-ord outfits or matching pieces are simply separate items of the same fabric that can be worn together as a set. It could be a skirt, skort, a pair of shorts or a pair of trousers as bottoms combined with a top, blouse, jacket or kimono as tops. The truth is that the combinations are endless. I love co-ords because they easily create a complete outfit without any fuss.

A co-ord outfit is easily fashionable and functional โ€“ fashionable as it is effortlessly chic and gives a stylish and polished monochromatic vibe and functional because it saves your time when trying to combine your clothes.

Co-ords are definitely investment pieces that transcend trends and will always be classic and timeless. In this post, the combination of the mustard shorts and blouse two-piece gives it a playsuit effect as well. The best thing about co-ords is that apart from pairing the pieces together for that monochromatic effect or single silhouette like I did here; you can style the pieces separately for more outfits which is very cost effective. Iโ€™ve also styled these shorts separately in a post titled

I accessorized with this adorable pink cross – body bag and minimal jewellery. I really wanted the co-ord outfit to be front and center.

I love how I styled my hair because itโ€™s interesting and fun and adds a layer of fascination to this outfit.

Wearing a co-ord outfit is always a good way to go whenever you feel like you might be stuck in a style rut or just unsure of what to wear.

So, invest in as many as you can!!!

“Being well dressed hasnโ€™t much to do with having good clothes. Itโ€™s a question of good balance and good common sense.โ€
โ€”Oscar de la Renta (R.I.P)

Thanks for reading my post ๐Ÿ˜Š
Love always, Mignolly

Shorts and top: China Town
Bag: Boutique Bought
Sandals: Boutique Bought

Hair: @kharisbeauty
Photography: @tfistudios
Edits by me @mignolly

Location: Westwood Hotel Ikoyi


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